your Ticket

We know, it’s tempting to get a cheap version of a ticket and just attend 1 or 3 events. And we know that it’s hard to now decide on which sessions you spend your valuable capacity on. 

Good news!

It’s possible to upgrade to a bigger ticket type and be instantly able to book more sessions. This it how it works:



1. Log in to the “My Tickets” section in Eventbrite

If you think you don’t have an account: You do 😉 Try logging in with the email you got your ticket with and it wills end a password to that inbox.
If you get redirected to weird places after logging in, go here again after logging in: eventbrite.co.uk/mytickets 🙂

2. Find the Startup SAFARI Event and click it
3. Click ⭮ Transfer in the upper right corner 
4. Click Change Ticket
5. Choose the ticket type you want to switch to

You’ll only pay the difference from what you have paid already to the price of the new ticket

6. Check out and pay, then head back to the SAFARI Agenda and keep booking