Become part of our team

A unique chance

You want to make your way into the startup scene? Then my brave sibling – you are on the exact right way. Being a volunteer at Startup SAFARI is special. It is a very unique chance to get access to the startup scene in Dresden. As a volunteer you will become an invaluable part of the team to support our mission and that is why we managed to put together some benefits for you:
  • You work on one day and participate for free on the other day.
  • You will receive a special discount on tickets for our partner-SAFARI in Leipzig.
  • We will celebrate together at the official After-SAFARI-Party and
  • our Crew-Shirt as well as a volunteering-certificate will remind you of our great time together.
Please submit our form below before 6th May and apply as a volunteer. There will be a mandatory volunteer-workshop on May 7, 4:00 pm at the ImpactHub Dresden.

To make Startup SAFARI DRESDEN a success, we need volunteers to

  • Welcome and check in attendees at sessions,
  • help organising and giving feedback on the conference,
  • support the logistics of the event and
  • provide attendees with information.
Your are interested in startups, want to work in a great team, get a look behind the scenes of Dresden’s first Startup SAFARI and you are available between May 13th-15th?


If you would send us a picture of yourself, we can add you on our volunteer page.